Shipping Information - COVID19 is impacting all services, all carriers to some degree. 


Cellos2Go does offer shipping on most items we sell  whether you're in the US or international.  Currently we have customers in over 60 countries.  Most smaller items ( usually up to 3-4 pounds) travel via the US Postal Service while heavy parcels or large cellos and cases are shipped using FedEx or UPS ground services..  (We do not ship cellos or cases internationally.) 

Once we know your location and postal code we can compare rates and delivery times for your specific parcel.  Rates depend on weight of the package, its dimensions, value,  how far it has to travel, and sometimes the contents.    Sheet music, for example, may be shipped media mail within the US -- but ONLY media items in the box.  It's best to let us figure out options -- especially when a delivery is time-sensitive. 

Understanding Services

1ST CLASS MAIL is only an option if your parcel weighs less than a pound. Small or light items may be sent this way.   Delivery time will vary with destination. 

PRIORITY MAIL usually takes 2-3 days to reach anywhere in the US, 6-10 days internationally but delivery dates are not guaranteed. 


MEDIA MAIL may be a cheaper alternative if your order is strictly sheet music, CDs, books.  If you are close to SC, delivery time is a few days, but across the country can take 7 business days or more.  If your order includes anything other than print music or media -- like a cello string -- we cannot use media mail.

FedEx is generally used for cellos, cases, and some other heavy or bulky items.  COVID19 has impacted these transit schedules as well, so we can give the estimated delivery date, but your tracking number will be updated as changes occur  7/29/20

SIGNATURE is required on high value packages

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS travel via Global Priority mail or FedEx.  Any customs charges or duties are billed separately by the government agency in your country.  FedEx is the most reliable and most expensive because your package stays with the same company door to door and is tracked every step of the way.  Global Priority usually takes 6-10 days but may take longer.  Once the parcel leaves the US Mail and enters your country's mail system, it is harder to find out where it is.  Not all countries have the same mail tracking services, and have no control over the time involved to clear Customs.