Welcome to Cellos2Go


Welcome to Cellos2Go,  a specialty retail shop dedicated to cellists, their cellos and accessories.   We feature a wide selection of items, offer competitive pricing, and the expertise to help you select the best item for your needs and price point.    Peruse the site to see the items we offer.  Contact us by email or telephone (no texts) to place an order, schedule an appointment, or get information.    Once you start the dialog, we'll do the rest.     

If you would like to schedule a visit, we can provide you a blend of shopping with laboratory experimentation.   Cellos vary not only in sound but in dimensions, so being able to play across price levels and body styles is helpful.  We can point out set-up features, change strings if you find a tone unpleasing to your ear.  Playing the same cello with different bows can be a surprise, as well as experiencing carbon v. wood, light v. heavy, across price points.  For some players, it’s a supervised playground because they’re not sure what to do first! 


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