DOMINANT (Thomastik)

The multi-strand nylon core is designed to simulate gut without the disadvantages. Medium tension strings have a purple winding at the peg end. Heavy tension strings have a green winding at the peg end.   Thick-gauge strings may be harder to fit some wolf suppressors on.

Pricing for 4/4                                                                                  Fractional size

$28.00   A string chrome wound - blue winding at ball end                     $26.00
$40.00   D string chrome wound - winding at ball end                            $36.00
$48.00   G string chrome wound - yellow winding at ball end                   $43.50
$53.00   C string chrome wound - red winding at ball end                       $48.75

Silver wound come in 4/4 only


$ 80.00   G string silver wound

$ 90.00   C string silver wound