Cellos2Go was established in Schenectady, NY in 2000 where we served the Capital District and the global cello community.  In 2012 we relocated to Columbia, SC where we operate as we always did, appointments in the shop and mail order for those who can't get here.   This dual nature makes it difficult for us to list hours of operation for our store.  We generally accept calls 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and you can email us any time.  If you need to pick up an item, let us know what and when.  For quick stops we can usually accommodate you quickly.  If you need to test drive cellos or bows, more time is required, and we need to make sure the items you wish to see are in the shop.  It is not uncommon for cellos and bows to be signed out for a week's evaluation, so while they are in our inventory they may not be here.   Instead of wondering, just contact us -- you'll be happy you did. 

Ellen Gunst is the heart and soul of Cellos2Go, and the person who will be answering your questions when you call or email.  An amateur and recreational cellist, Ellen is a part of a huge network of cellists dating back to the late '90s when the Internet Cello Society got its start.  As a participant in ensembles ranging from community orchestra, chamber music with friends, or cello-only gatherings of any size, knowledge of the literature and its pitfalls is key to helping other groups get their start. 

Luthiere services are provided for Cellos2Go by Damir Horvat of Horvat Fine Violins in Columbia, SC.  Whether making a cello, doing a setup, repair or restoration, you can count on impeccable craftsmanship and artistry.  It is a five-minute drive between our shops.